What is the advantages/disadvantages table?

The advantages/disadvantages table allows you to see the proportion of benefits and drawbacks of a real or projected situation to help you make a decision. Simply list the advantages in the left column and the disadvantages in the right column.

The weight of each advantage or disadvantage is factored into the final result through the importance score you assign, ranging from 1 (not very important) to 3 (very important). If you don't want to consider the importance of elements, assign a score of 1 to each of them.

The advantages/disadvantages table is useful for capturing all the factors that come into play in a situation, which might be difficult to list from memory. The importance score also allows for personal sensitivity to each element while ensuring an impartial and representative result.

It's recommended to complete the table as objectively as possible and without omitting any aspect of the situation.

It's important to note that the elements listed in the table can be influenced by various factors as well as a lack of knowledge about the ins and outs of the situation at the current moment. Therefore, it might be useful to complete or redo the exercise a few days or weeks apart.

With the weighted advantages/disadvantages table, you can "weigh the pros and cons" of a situation (e.g., "changing jobs") as well as two distinct situations (e.g., "going on vacation to the beach" vs. "going on vacation to the mountains"). When comparing two situations, it's better to create two separate tables: one for the pros and cons of the first situation and another for those of the second situation, as each situation has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can then see which situation has more pros and cons, potentially giving you an indication for your decision.

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How the online advantages/disadvantages table works

Simply enter the advantages in the "advantages" column and the disadvantages in the "disadvantages" column.

For each advantage or disadvantage, assign an importance score from 1 (not very important) to 3 (very important). If you want all advantages or disadvantages to have the same importance, assign them a score of 1.

Use the button to add an advantage or a disadvantage.

Use the button at the bottom right of the screen to delete an advantage or a disadvantage.

Use the button located at the bottom right of the screen to remove all advantages and disadvantages from the table.

The icon indicates that your table is saved.

Use the "View Results" button to see the table's results.

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Data Backup

When you enter data into the table, it's automatically saved in the web browser's memory. Your data is not sent to a server, so only you can access it. The next time you visit the site, your table will be displayed as you left it. Note that to retrieve the saved data, you need to access the site using the same browser and device.

To clear the saved data, you can either press the button at the bottom right of the screen or clear the local storage of the browser (for this, refer to your browser's help).

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